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I am not a morning girl

I hate having to get up early. It’s partially because I’m a night owl and partially because the hit to my circadian rhythm disrupts my dreams. To me, early is anything before 1pm, really. In my dreams, I am a cisgender girl with a vagina, ovaries, a uterus, C-cup breasts and anything else a cisgender girl would have. Never mind that my dreams take place in their own universe in my head [which I call the Gwenverse], which is a Star Trek and Sailor Moon crossover for the most part, with quite a bit of stuff from my imagination added in. Every now and then, the Doctor appears in his TARDIS and strikes fear into the heart of the Daleks using nothing but a Windows Vista installation disc, threatening to install it on them.

In the dream I had before I woke up, which took place in the Moon Kingdom in the Gwenverse, I dreamt that me and my boyfriend [long distance relationship – him in the US, me in the UK // husband in the Gwenverse] were expecting a baby and my adoptive parents [in the Gwenverse]; Haruka Tenou (Sailor Uranus), Michiru Kaiou (Sailor Neptune), Setsuna Meiou (Sailor Pluto); plus adoptive sister [in the Gwenverse] Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn); were excited about becoming grandparents and an aunt respectively. Meanwhile, we told everyone on Lunaria [homeworld of the Moon Kingdom in the Gwenverse] and the rest of the Moon Kingdom and its allies by way of a pregnancy announcement which was a play on Ice Ice Baby, of which numerous examples can be found online.

~ Gwen