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Myself in my dreams – The Gwenverse

In my dreams, I have a vagina, ovaries, a uterus, C-cup breasts, and everything else a cisgender girl would have. In my dreams, I am also a magical girl. Sailor Lunaria, the Guardian Senshi of Lunaria, the home planet of the Moon Kingdom [within the Gwenverse, that is].  The Gwenverse is sort of a universe inside of my head. More of an alternate universe where my dreams take place. I hypothesise that everyone has an alternate universe inside of their heads where their dreams take place. For example, in my dad’s little universe in his head, Wales has won the Six Nations Championship every single year since 1883 when it was known as the Home Nations Championship. Knowing my dad, he was probably around back then as well.

Anyway, back to mine. The Gwenverse [No, not the Spider Man Gwenverse.] is an alternate universe inside of my head where my dreams take place. The Gwenverse contains heavy influences from Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and Star Trek, with lesser influences from other shows and games I am a fan of [Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Red Dwarf, and more]. Yes, I believe in the multiverse theory.

The Gwenverse – The Intricacies of the Gwenverse – Planets, Nations, Alliances, Unions

In the Gwenverse, the Moon Kingdom first makes contact with Humans in 2154 when the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Jonathan Archer enters Moon Kingdom controlled space and establishes an orbit with Lunaria, a planet very similar to Earth. In the Gwenverse, the inhabitants of the Moon Kingdom are known as Lunarians, just as they were during the time of the Silver Millennium. Lunarians have a lifespan averaging 1,000 years although very few make it to 1,500 years of age. The Moon Kingdom is part of a union of its own that contains Hyrule, the Mushroom Kingdom, Mau, Kinmoku, and a few other spacefaring nations. This alliance is known as the Silver Moon Union, which is established in 2080, a name chosen to remember what Queen Serenity I fought to the death for against the forces of Queen Metaria thousands of years earlier.

The Lunarians were one of the founding races and Lunaria served as the capital planet of the Silver Moon Union. Just like the United Federation of Planets, each member world has a semi-autonomous government or governments that existed under a central government based on the principles of universal liberty, rights, and equality, and to share their knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation, scientific development, space exploration and defensive purposes. A formal alliance between the Silver Moon Union and the United Federation of Planets is reached in 2187, followed by an alliance between the Silver Moon Union and the Klingon Empire in 2199. If the Federation and the Klingon Empire were to go to war with each other, the Silver Moon Union would remain neutral, but cautious. The Moon Kingdom had no official language although among Lunarians and on Lunarian-majority or Lunarian-controlled worlds, Japanese was spoken by the vast majority as a first language. The Silver Moon Union’s embassy within Federations space was in Tokyo, on Earth. You’ll kind of see where some of this is going…

The Gwenverse – Sailor Lunaria (Megumi Yamazaki)

Sailor Lunaria [Megumi Yamazaki; born April 16th, 2047] was awakened shortly before her 20th birthday, mere hours after coming out to her biological mother with disastrous results. She started her training the next day, having acquired a loving adoptive family [Sailors Pluto, Neptune and Uranus (Setsuna Meiou, Michiru Kaiou, and Haruka Tenou respectively) as parents and Sailor Saturn (Hotaru Tomoe) as an older sister]. Sailor Lunaria was armed with a weapon unique to them. Sailor Pluto, for example, was armed with the Garnet Orb which she used to fight for love and justice, and also to prevent unauthorized time travel.

Sailor Lunaria was armed with something quite different that would help her in her duties as a Sailor Scout fighting for love and justice. The weapon was a double-bladed polearm with deadly wakizashi blades that she could conceal at will so it could be used as a bo staff. It bore a similarity to the weapon Hit-Girl used in Kick-Ass, except the handle had some designs of Lunarian origin on them. It was also strong enough that if someone attempted to break it over their knee, they wouldn’t succeed, but Sailor Lunaria was able to detach them if she wished so that she could use them as dual wakizashi swords, which looked similar to katanas. It was also infused with Senshi magic, which was what allowed her to conceal and reveal the blades on her weapon at will. It was 6’ 0” (182cm) long, with 2’ 0” (61cm) blades that were 1” (25mm) in width on the blades and 1½” (38mm) in width on the handle, which was as long as the blades. This meant that the weapon was 2″ (5cm) taller than the Sailor Scout it was used by.

Her sailor fuku featured three colours; pink, the primary colour; blue, the secondary colour; and red, the tertiary colour. When she transformed, which she did by shouting “Lunaria Planet Power, Make Up!”, a lot happened in a split-second. Her chest-length hair went from its usual free flowing state to being in a french braid. She was wearing a gold tiara which featured in the centre a pink oval gem. Her earrings, also pink, were crescent moon shaped. She was wearing a red choker, which featured in its centre a pink pendant akin to the gem on the tiara. The collar of her sailor fuku was pink, plus it featured two stripes. The leotard of the sailor fuku was white, as was the armor covering the area from the breasts to the collar including the shoulders. She was wearing white gloves that extended to above her elbows, and at the end, it was pink. The bow on the front of her sailor fuku, which featured a pink oval brooch in its centre, was blue in colour. The bow on the back of her fuku just above the senshi skirt was also blue in colour, but it did not feature a brooch of its own. The senshi skirt of her sailor fuku was a short pink pleated skirt. She was also wearing thigh high socks in red, the tertiary colour. The socks were covered by pink knee high boots which had accents at the top in red.

While not transformed, she spent most of her time with her lover, while also spending a lot of time with her family and friends. She marries her lover at the age of 25, with lots of high ranking figures within the Moon Kingdom and the territories of its allies in attendance to the wedding. Dozens of Sailor Scouts were in attendance, seven of them being the monarchs of their respective nations.


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