Scrolling through my Tumblr drafts

When I wake up to find that a miracle hasn’t happened and I haven’t transitioned overnight by regenerating like The Doctor from what I look like at the moment to what I wish I looked like [really cute, feminine, C-cup breasts, with a vagina, ovaries, a uterus, and everything else a cisgender girl would have], I end up feeling sad. I end up trying to take my mind off it by scrolling through my Tumblr drafts, which takes ages because there’s always between 300 and 500 posts in the drafts list at any one time, with 25 of them going on to the queue list each day to push the number of posts in the queue back up to 300.

It’s an attempt to distract myself from my dysphoria, although it doesn’t seem to work half the time.

~ Gwen