Helped my dad out with his job.

The fish was massive. It was probably visible from space.

Today, my dad asked me to help him with his job, help which he kind of needs since he’s recovering from the surgeries he had in July. The job in question was delivering newspapers through doors, which he liked to refer to as “Postman Patting” since he likes to think he’s Postman Pat sometimes. He has a van, although it isn’t red. He had a black and white cat. Had. She died a few years back at the age of 20 from kidney failure, I think. We managed to deliver 400 newspapers between us, although he did more because it was my first day and I wasn’t used to it. It took two hours. My feet are hurting, my shoulder is aching, and I am exhausted, and I probably will for the rest of the day. Had a fish and chips afterwards, where the fish was the size of the Large Magellanic Cloud. My dad referred to it as an “icthyosaur and chips”, which was accurate.

Addendum (20 Mar 2017): They’ve stopped aching.

~ Gwen


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