Managed to get up earlier than I usually do

Today I managed to get up earlier than I usually do. My dad told me to try and be up by midday, but I ended up waking up at 12:40pm, which was technically oversleeping yet over an hour earlier than I’d usually get up and out of bed. He told me to try and be ready by 2pm, which is when he said he’d be back. Half an hour after that, he hadn’t arrived yet. Him shovelling horse shit probably took longer than expected, then. My dream was an okay dream, although since it was a couple of hours since waking up, I can’t remember much of it. It involved Sailor Uranus drifting through the streets of Crystal Tokyo in a Hennessey Venom GT with a custom paint job at one point, and me and my boyfriend and the Sol Senshi altogether in a room playing Gran Tourismo.

~ Gwen