Laptop is installing updates.

Earlier, I went into the Windows Update tab in Settings on my laptop to check if any updates needed installing, and it turns out it does. Microsoft released today’s update, KB4015438, which was sudden, was released in order to fix some issues some people had with the previous update from March 14th, KB4013429. I hadn’t encountered any problems with it personally. Updates on my laptop usually take between half an hour to 45 minutes, sometimes an hour from clicking “Update and shut down” to the starting screen that appears before you log in but after you turn on a computer. It is updating right now as I type this, and it has been doing so for approximately 35 minutes now, so I need ways of passing the time while it updates, such as typing up this post, or browsing Reddit, or playing games on my tablet. I told my dad to not install the fridge’s new thermostat any time in the next couple of hours as my laptop is installing updates, and he replied saying he wasn’t planning to tonight, so that is fortunate considering he tripped the fuse numerous times uninstalling the old one which had somehow snapped due to human error on his part. When my laptop installs updates, I usually lie on my bed and browse on my tablet as I am hesitant to be near my laptop when it is installing updates, because of past experiences that include several hard drives being ruined and needed replacing, all of which happened on previous laptops I have owned. I have gone through a few laptops over the years since every now and then my dad gets me a new laptop. I got my first laptop several years ago when Windows Vista was the up-to-date Microsoft operating system. My current laptop, an Acer, has served me well in the last 12 to 24 months and I wish it good luck into the future.

~ Gwen


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