Now starts the most hated day of the week

I have always hated Mondays for as long as I can remember. For most of my life it has been synonymous with the first school day of the week. My favourite day of the week is Saturday, because it is the start of the weekend and almost always, I got to have a lie in on Saturdays as I had nothing to do but play or something when I was a little girl. 

Moving on, my dad said I have to help him deliver newspapers tomorrow as well, and he advised me to try wearing two pairs of socks underneath my boots to see if it will stop my feet from achimg when I take my boots off again when I get back home again. Me and my dad managed to deliver 400 newspapers between us today and dad said he is hoping to try and deliver more than that tomorrow, as there is 2,100 left to deliver. That means the job is 16% complete. The job is worth £110 per 2,500 newspapers, which works out at around 4.4 pence per paper.

~ Gwen