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I had a lie in and a peculiar dream today

I had a lie in today as my dad didn’t need me to help him deliver newspapers around the local area today, to the relief of me, my right shoulder, and both of my feet. I ended up having a dream that was longer than the dreams I had the previous two nights.

The dream, set in the Gwenverse, started out with me sitting on the toilet like The Thinker, thinking about what a domestic cat’s favourite music would be, and by extension, what would continuously top the Mautian music charts [considering Mau is where cats like Artemis and Luna come from in the Sailor Moon universe and by extension, the Gwenverse as well] for decades on end. It continued on with me, my boyfriend, and the Sol Senshi, including Neo-Queen Serenity’s husband, Neo-King Endymion, all together at my home, and we were all getting drunk and discussing philosophy as well, with Luna in attendance, not exactly sober herself. At one point in the dream Ami [Sailor Mercury] placed a petunia on Luna’s head, Luna pulled a face which looked like the kind of face a cat would pull if it was suddenly transcending into the spiritual realm, and Ami responded by drunkenly improvising a speech which went like this while Mountains by Hans Zimmer played in the background:

This cat holds the secret to our survival, the answer to all of our problems now and any time later. If it weren’t for this cat, our kingdom would never expand. We would never accomplish our dreams without answers, and this cat both unlocks the answers and sets new horizons for us to explore. With this cat, nothing is impossible. We would be unstoppable, and a major role in the destiny of the universe. All other kingdoms and nations would be measly compared to the Silver Moon Union, and one day we will look back at our new realm and wonder, “How did we get here?” but then they realise that it was this cat, many thousands of years ago, that unlocked the gate to a new era.

To which, Neo-Queen Serenity replied that Luna kind of did that anyway by awakening her, Ami [Sailor Mercury], Rei [Sailor Mars], and Makoto [Sailor Jupiter], while Artemis had awoken Minako [Sailor Venus]. The Outer Sol Senshi had awoken themselves as Sailor Scouts somehow.

Moving on from my dream last night and onto the real world; for the record, my feet are still aching somewhat, although only when I walk.

~ Gwen