Just woke up

Just woke up earlier and have gotten dressed and had breakfast. My dad told me that he needed my help again with his job of delivering newspapers around the local area. My feet have stopped aching, finally, but I am certain that they will be aching again once I get back home later on in the day. My dad said that we should try to try and deliver 800  or so today to try and make up for not doing any yesterday. We’ve already delivered 700 to 750 of the 2,500 newspapers so far, making the job between 28% and 30% complete. The highlight of the job so far, apart from going home, was finding a Dŵr Cymru van parked somewhere that seemed to be lost.

My dream was okay. I dreamt that Princess Kakyuu, me, and the Sol Senshi were out shopping for cute clothes, including bras and panties, and we all returned home with at least a trolley load of clothing. Some shop owners were surprised to see a dozen Sailor Scouts suddenly arrive. The dream was not as bizarre as that dream I had where it was raining clothes, particularly panties and bras that all happened to be in the correct size for each of us.

~ Gwen