Another day

I had to wake up at 11am today because I had to wait in for the HelloFresh box to arrive, which came at around 12:30pm in the form of a massive box. I opened the box to find two Italian meals and an Iranian meal. No idea which of the meals we’re having tonight, if were having one of the meals from the box tonight. In other news, my left eye is a bit swollen at the moment, so I’m going to do a few moist heat compressions on it to try and sort it out when my dad gets home.

I dreamt last night that Haruka [Sailor Uranus] went to Earth and drunkenly bought a full size 1989 Ford Transit and decided to drive it for a while the next afternoon at a local racetrack back on Lunaria [home world of the Moon Kingdom in the Gwenverse] to see what it was like, ending up being very surprised and to the point of needing a change of clothes as unknown to her, the van she bought accelerated like a McLaren P1 because the van she bought had the engine from one. Afterwards, she heavily modified it [while keeping the engine], giving it a facelift and making sure there’s room and seats for a dozen. She then gave the van some decals, showing that it was used for transporting Sailor Scouts in luxury.

~ Gwen