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My Killer Instinct talent is rusty.

Just went for another session of playing Killer Instinct, and I have come to the conclusion that my talent with the game has become a bit rusty over time, but that will be sorted over time. I’ve already relearned how to perform an ultra combo, which is good. I’m exploring the new content that has been released, and have just bought the new character to try out, and I’m trying out the new gameplay mode that has been added. I would download Forza from the Windows 10 store but unfortunately my laptop fails to meet the minimum requirements, which is a shame.

Sicilian caponata with herbed pork and garlicky ciabatta – my tea tonight.

Meanwhile, my left eye is still a bit sore, but it is being sorted out and it will be okay again within a few days. I hope it doesn’t bother me too much while it’s healing, but I tend to notice it every time I blink, and I keep having to check in the mirror to make sure I haven’t got anything in my eye that might be causing it. I haven’t. It’s just my left bottom eyelid being a pain in the arse. It didn’t seem to affect me too much while me and my dad were out delivering newspapers. We managed to deliver 150 newspapers today, making our total 1,250 newspapers delivered, meaning the job was half done now.

Meanwhile, my dad is cooking tea at the moment. He’s cooking one of the meals from the box that I took delivery of earlier today. A Sicilian caponata with herbed pork and garlicky ciabatta. No idea how it’ll taste, but I shall post about it later. Right now, when I think about what I’m having for tea tonight, I keep imagining the Corleone Family looking to the east and saying “Bugger. HelloFresh have stolen our recipe.” I told him that the Iranian lamb stew that was in the box was my second choice and that I’d probably want to have that for tea tomorrow night.

~ Gwen