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Not played Killer Instinct for ages

It’s probably time I got myself to bed. I just played some Killer Instinct on my laptop for an hour or so and managed to increase my Xbox gamer point count by 35. I’ve not played Killer Instinct in months, and I suddenly decided to play some tonight. My friend got me into the game, but it is almost impossible for anyone to best him in a match on Killer Instinct, because he is insanely good at the game. Speaking of my friend, I was once round his place several months ago playing Grand Theft Auto V and I was doing some wacky shit on the game. At one point, I managed to kill a bird with a car, by hitting it in midair while going off a ramp. At another point, I punched a train and my character died while I was trying to get on said train. On both counts, I couldn’t stop laughing, especially the train punching. Back to Killer Instinct, I would say that Killer Instinct is a great game overall, but I wouldn’t recommend challenging my friend on that game because you’d probably rage quit after a while.

The face of someone who has read about the dreams I have.
In other news, I’m glad my feet aren’t aching at the moment. Also, I think The Ancient One [my dad] has fallen asleep on the couch again, which is not surprising to me in the slightest, because he falls asleep on the couch so often I sometimes like to remind him that he owns a bed. After he goes to bed and when I get to bed, I wonder what I’m going to dream about tonight. Knowing me, it’ll be the kind of dream that would leave anyone perplexed.

~ Gwen