Woke up

Just woke up, so I remember more of the dream I just had than I would if I had posted this post a couple of hours later. I am going to assume that my dad will ask me to help him deliver newspapers again today, although I do not know how many newspapers will be delivered today. Dad went and picked up some more newspapers yesterday meaning that we’ll end up delivering 4,000 newspapers or so instead of 2,500 newspapers before the jon in question is finished on the 30th or so.

I dreamt that me, my boyfriend, and the Sol Senshi all went to a nightclub in Crystal Tokyo and had a fun time, while a musician inspired by deadmau5 was at the turntables doing their thing. Then, later on, the musician in question reveals their identity and it turns out to be Diana, the daughter of Luna and Artemis, and we’re all standing there not knowing how to react to this turn of events.

~ Gwen