In the middle of a job

So far today me and my dad have delivered at least 450 of the 700 newspapers me and him are aiming to deliver today. We’ve been delivering non-stop for two and a bit hours now. My feet are aching and my stomach is rumbling, and my dad says we’re carrying on until 7pm, which is around 45 minutes from now. I’ve been feeling down in the dumps all day today. It’s the gender dysphoria, and the intensity seems to go up and down in waves like a gale out at sea. I wish I could transition like the Eighth Doctor into the War Doctor, like I do in my dreams [the Gwenverse], with oestrogen running through my veins and me being much, much happier with my body. I can only hope. At least I have my boyfriend to cheer me up, which is good.

~ Gwen


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