Another Monday

It’s Monday again, my least favourite day of the week. My dad says he wants me to help him deliver newspapers again today. Me and him managed to deliver 642 newspapers yesterday, which is a record I would rather not try to beat as it makes my feet ache like a motherfucker afterwards. My dad said we should try to aim to deliver around 400 newspapers per day for the next few days so they will all be delivered. Me and my dad have already delivered the original 2,500 newspapers, but my dad asked for an extra 1,600 newspapers so that me and him would be paid more for the job. Those 1,600 newspapers are being delivered in a different area to the original 2,500 newspapers.

I dreamt last night, unsurprisingly, that me, my boyfriend and the Sol Senshi we at a day out at a spa somewhere in Crystal Tokyo.

~ Gwen


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