About to help my dad deliver

In a while, my dad will start delivering newspapers for the day and he will ask me to help him with it. The original 2,500 newspapers had already been delivered, and now we are delivering the extra 1,654 newspapers he picked up as well. We managed to deliver 907 of the 1,654 newspapers (54.84%) over yesterday and the day before [414 delivered yesterday], so there is only 747 newspapers left to deliver and three days to do it in, so I’ll assume me and my dad will deliver roughly 400 newspapers today, probably close to 500. I don’t know yet. Hopefully those gel soles in my boots will continue to perform admirably and do their best to prevent my feet from aching, because that, I think, is the worst part of helping my dad deliver newspapers.

In other news, my dad had to go out earlier and buy a new toilet seat, since the old one is deteriorating and is no longer physically attached to the toilet, which gets annoying whenever I use it. He says he’ll fit a new toilet seat at some point, but didn’t say when. The sooner, the better.

~ Gwen