Just woke up

Just woke up. It’s not midday yet so I turned off my alarm so it doesn’t startle me while I am already awake. I haven’t gotten out of bed yet, though. My dad said he’ll need my help again today delivering newspapers. Hopefully not a stupidly large amount in one day as it is tiring work. No wonder I dreamt I was at a spa in Crystal Tokyo the other night. I guess they are in my dreams now. Luckily for me, those gel soles I started using yesterday seem to be working since I didn’t need to bathe my feet in warm salty water for an hour yesterday. Hopefully I don’t fall over and make my jeans dirty like I managed to do yesterday, although that was only because it had rained earlier on in the day.

I dreamt that me and my boyfriend were having sex after a romantic meal, all after visiting the Outer Sol Senshi, and that after all that, we both sat in bed, cuddling with each other and watching funny videos.

~ Gwen


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