Yet another delivery of a box of food

I woke up roughly five hours ago, so it is plainly obvious that I have forgotten what I dreamt about last night. All I know was that it took place in the Gwenverse. Anyway, I woke up at 11am today and my dad says the HelloFresh box will be delivered any time today. He said he didn’t know when it would turn up as there was a problem somewhere that prevented my dad from knowing the time frame in which the box of food would arrive. The doorbell rang three times over the next three hours, all at awkward times, as I was either using the bathroom or in the middle of getting dressed. Each time, I expected to be the HelloFresh box.

The first time, it was some roofing company asking if we owned the house we lived in. We don’t. We rent. The second time it rang, it was a box, but not the box. The first of the two boxes to arrive turned out to be a huge tub of garlic to help feed the numerous horses that my dad’s friend owns. I often think she’s trying to obtain more horses than Khal Drogo. Khal Drogo had tens of thousands. She has four. The third time the doorbell rang, it was the HelloFresh box, which arrived at 2pm.

Right now, me and my dad are waiting for the rain to clear so my dad can go out and deliver newspapers, with me helping him. Being a papergirl is exhausting, plus it’s an arsehole on my feet if I don’t wear gel soles in my boots to prevent them from aching. I estimate somewhere between 200 and 400 newspapers will end up being delivered today, with the remainder from today being delivered tomorrow, if there is any left to deliver. There’s less than 500 newspapers left to deliver, which is good news.

~ Gwen