Getting ready for bed

I’m about to go and get ready for bed now. My dad says he wants me up early again tomorrow, at around 10am. It’s early by my standards. I don’t like getting up until it’s the afternoon. Preferably between 12pm and 2:30pm. He says me wants me up early because apparently we’re dog-sitting for the weekend. I prefer cats though. Cat-sitting would be easy. The cat would just sit there not giving 27331,985 of a fuck, or sleeping in bizarre locations and dreaming about subjugating humanity, or compiling a thesis in the mysterious language cats communicate in about how cats would remain a liquid at -459.6669℉ while somehow working out the answer to ∞ ÷ 0 without tearing a hole in the fabric of space.

I have no idea what I will dream of tonight. I know it’ll be set in the Gwenverse and would probably have, at some point, Minako [Sailor Venus] dropping a ¥1 coin down Usagi’s [Sailor Moon] butt crack for a laugh.

~ Gwen


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