Going to bed now

I’m going to go get ready for bed now. I don’t know if my dad wants me up early again tomorrow morning or not, so I’m going to assume he doesn’t need me up early in which case, I’ll sleep in until sometime in the afternoon.

Right now I’m feeling dysphoric what with the testosterone poisoning and whatnot and the fact I won’t wake up tomorrow morning looking the way I wish I did (C-cup breasts, estrogen running through my veins, no traces of testosterone poisoning ever, really cute), which saddens me greatly, so I’ll probably need to watch lots of kitten video before I go to sleep tonight. It’s been 877 days and counting.

Day 877 in the closet and it’s all the same. I hate how I look and I wish I could transition as quickly as The Doctor. I’m sure I’m not the only trans girl to wish she could transition that quickly.

~ Gwen