I have something on my mind

I don’t even watch football, nor am I interested in it in the slightest. Although I was laughing when my uncle found out that Iceland knocked out England in the Euro 2016 and then offered to buy him an Iceland shirt because he supported England. I remember hearing about that Viking clap. Anyway, I can’t stop thinking that if England win another World Cup, they would be well on the way to building a World Bra [because bras have two cups]. I imagine the bra size would be fucking insane.

Speaking of bras, I prefer C-cup bras myself [with matching panties]. Especially if they’re cute and comfortable. I don’t have C-cup breasts at the moment [but in the Gwenverse my dreams take place in, I do], but hopefully I will have eventually once I have the courage to come out to my family as a transgender girl and transition.

~ Gwen