Dysphoria – Day 878

Day 878 of being in the closet. Dysphoria seems to have died down again. It’s as if the dysphoria increased and decreases like waves going up and down in the ocean. Anyway, I’ve taken my mind off of it by watching Scooby Doo videos on YouTube for some reason. I can’t remember what I first went on YouTube to watch, but I ended up there, and from there, I ended up listening the music that’s playing in another window while I type this post up, and unsurprisingly, the tune makes me nostalgic. Meanwhile, my dad said I have to dog-sit for a fourth day tomorrow. I just want to lie in, though. I’m not getting ready for bed yet, even though it’s 12:30am, but anyway, I don’t know what I’ll dream of tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Artemis and a few of his other friends from Mau randomly singing Du Hast in front of the Sailor Senshi, though.

~ Gwen