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Just ate a Penne all’Arrabbiata

Penne all'ArrabbiataI just finished eating my tea, and to be honest with you, it was amazing. I had it with a pint of orange juice since I needed a drink and because it was there and it would go bad if nobody drank it, like all drinks would do if left long enough. I ate the Penne all’Arrabbiata while watching a repeat of Mock the Week on some channel. I should really get my dad to put on that episode of Doctor Who that was aired a few days ago. I finished the pint of orange juice in around 10 to 15 minutes while it took me 20 to 30 minutes to eat my tea, shown in the picture. I would definitely eat it again at some point, but not tomorrow night as having the same meal for tea two days in a row seems a little bit repetitive. I had some birthday cake for afters as there was some left over and I might as well have some before it goes stale.

~ Gwen


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