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Returned from the concert

A picture of the concert, taken near the front

I went to the concert, which started at 7:30pm and it was great. The Bon Jovi tribute band (named The Bon Jovi Experience) performed amazingly. Just before the concert started, my dad went to the bathroom and I told the man next to me that my dad was in the bathroom in case he was wondering. Because of the loudness of the music, he misunderstood me and thought my dad was part of the tribute band. He eventually understood when he asked me where my dad was and I pointed to my left and the man said “I thought you were playing up there!” to which my dad responded “I wish I could play!“. The man seemed to understand afterwards. I think I went temporarily deaf in my left ear twice, though, as during the intermission half way through I described it as “definitely deafening“. Me and my dad were seated near to the front of the theatre, where we both had a good view of the stage.

During the intermission, I had a pint of Carling while my dad had a bacardi and rum and talked about past concerts he had went to. He said he would’ve gone go a concert at Madison Square Garden at some point during the three months he spent in New York all those years ago, but a colleague of his, showing a record high level of douchebaggery, fucktrumpetry, and asshattery simultaneously, went twice just to deprive my dad of the opportunity, making my dad forever hate said colleague. My dad said he still hasn’t forgiven that colleague.

A picture of the concert, taken from further away

Anyway, back on topic, the concert continued after the twenty-five to thirty minute intermission in which my temporary deafness subsided, before the music continued very loudly and I think I went temporarily deaf again. The entire audience stood up twice during the concert, which forced me and my dad to stand up as well. I preferred sitting down, but stood up anyway like the rest of the audience did. After the concert ended I had another pint of Carling, which my dad decided to have as well, when the concert ended at just after 10pm. We decided to get an Indian takeaway afterwards as my dad said he couldn’t be bothered cooking tonight.

We went to the Indian takeaway and ordered and paid for the meals. While it was being made, we went to the pub next door. He had a pint of Fosters while I had a can of Diet Coke before going back to the takeaway to collect the meal before going home and eating the meal, which we did while watching the new episode of Doctor Who.

~ Gwen


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