A new day

I am awake, and since I woke up a couple of hours ago, I have already forgotten what I dreamt about last night.

My dad made me get up at 10am again because he wants me to dog-sit, which I am doing right now. My dad also said that me and him might be delivering later on, plus he said that if we are delivering stuff today, he wants me to eat my lunch and have my socks and shoes ready by 4pm. There’s 1,700 in total to deliver, and I have absolutely no idea how many per day he would like us to do, but I am assuming it will be somewhere between 350 and 700 per day, since he said a couple days ago that he would want to get the job out of the way as soon as possible. He added that I probably won’t need my hoodie on today, but I think otherwise, because when it gets windy, it tends to get a bit chilly as well. Sodding wind chill.

~ Gwen


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