Going to get some lunch

Going to get some lunch, earlier than I usually do. My dad says he wants me to be fully ready by 4pm so me and him can get the delivering out of the way. I have no idea how many of the 1,700 me and him will end up doing today, but I’m sure I’ll be thinking the whole time “17 is 1%. 17 is 1% 17 is 1%.” to try and make it a bit easier.

In other news, I’m hoping Marine Le Pen does not win the French election. The far-right are not known for their positive stance towards the LGBT community. Instead, the far-right are known for gargantuan levels of fucktrumpetry, as well as idolising and acting like Adam Sutler from V for Vendetta. Emmanuel Macron would make a better French President than Marine Le Pen in my opinion. I don’t know much about French politics, what with me being British and the extent of my French-speaking abilities is the word “Agincourt“, but I do know that I would not choose a far-right politician to run a country.

~ Gwen


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