I keep thinking about the upcoming election

I keep thinking about the upcoming general election that’s happening at some point in June. Personally, I don’t want the Tories [with the likes of Dolores Umbridge (who many dislike), a Sontaran, and the Harbinger of Death in it] or UKIP [a party known for racist whose name translates to vagina in Filipino if you put the P at the beginning] to win the election. I know who I’ll be voting for, and it certainly won’t be either of them two parties. It’ll be one of the other parties that I’ll vote for.

Meanwhile, my right ring finger is still swollen. Hoping it’ll be less annoying come tomorrow morning. Speaking of tomorrow morning, my dad wants me up by 9am, which is early by my standards. I have no idea what my dad’s cooking for tea tonight, but I might watch the new episode of Doctor Who tonight while eating it. Right now, I’ll be playing Modern Combat 5 to pass the time.

Also, note to self, Gwen: Charge your tablet. 47% seems low. Put it in airplane mode to charge it quicker.

~ Gwen


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