Just got paid for the job me and my dad did at the end of March, which I found exhausting and painful for my feet to the point I needed gel insoles to cope. The whole job was worth £186.62, of which me and my dad split the paycheck 50/50, which means £93.31 each. My dad said next time me and him go down the pub for a drink, I’m paying.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly eating through my Easter eggs. I’ve eaten everything in the Maltesers one. I’m going through the Oreo one, which will probably take two to four days, and then there’s the Dairy Milk Caramel one, which I haven’t started on yet. Also, I’ll probably spend the day playing Modern Combat 5 as there’s nothing much else to do.

Also, my tablet went down to 11% earlier, so I’ve stuck it on charge, where it will remain for several hours while it charges back up to 100%, which will take several hours.

~ Gwen