Woke up, now dog-sitting

I woke up earlier at 10am because my dad wanted me to dog-sit. I’m dog-sitting right now. My dad said that the dog is staying overnight. The dog in question belongs to a friend of my dad. Because of me dog-sitting, my dad will end up delivering by himself today. I have no idea how many leaflets he will try to deliver with the aid of a piece of wood he salvaged from a skip a while back, but I get the feeling he’ll try to go for 340 or more leaflets in one day to keep up the average. I’m kind of glad I don’t have to help deliver later on, as it is exhausting work. Meanwhile, I’m waiting on delivery of a large HelloFresh box. I have no idea what meals will be in the box, but I look forward to seeing what’s in the box.

~ Gwen


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