Delivered, now exhausted

I told my dad not to eat baked beans!

I helped my dad deliver some leaflets earlier, and it was exhausting. My dad said that me and him managed to only deliver 280 leaflets between us today, which is less than what my dad would have hoped to achieve for today. Right now, I am exhausted. The highlight of delivering was coming upon a lamppost that had fallen over. Naturally, knowing me, I told my dad that the reason the lamppost fell over was because he had been eating too many baked beans and ended up breaking wind next to it, causing it to fall over.  The tape around the lamppost only made it look like it had visited the hospital and the wounds were covered up so they could heal properly over time. Right now, I’m browsing the internet and I found a Tumblr post that I rather like that was posted by a Tumblr user by the name of weepycat.


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