Gwenverse, Bed, Flavius Woofius, Gwenverse

I’m going to go to bed now. I’ve managed to make some progress on the Gwenverse today, although not as much as I would’ve liked. I had, less than an hour ago, thought of another chapter to add to it, but I’ll have to do that chapter in a separate document and paste it in once it’s finished. The lack of lag is convenient.

Speaking of the Gwenverse, I’ve thought of another story to add to it, set some 310 years later involving a certain Starfleet Captain who likes coffee and probably said “Clitoris Prohibitus!” in response to Q trying to gain permission to fornicate with her. I don’t know much more about it yet as I haven’t thought of a plot, but I’ll finish the current story first. I bet the current story surpasses 120 pages, because it’ll definitely surpass 25,000 words.

In other news, my dad doesn’t know whether I’ll be dog-sitting or not tomorrow morning, but he told me to set my alarm for 10am just in case. Knowing me, it’ll go off, Flavius Woofius won’t be downstairs, and I’ll end up going back to sleep for a few hours more. Nearly referred to my dad’s friend’s dog as Ludwig van Woofhoven or Barkimedes, and in doing so mistakenly thought Beethoven was still alive [because my brain farted] even though he’s been dead for 190 years.

~ Gwen