About me

About Me

Hello. My name is Gwen, and this blog is a blog I run where I post about what goes on in my life. I like to post about the games I like to play. I like to post about the dreams I have, however perplexing and bizarre they may be. Those dreams in question all take place within a universe inside my head. I post whenever I can on this blog, and a new post could appear on this blog at any time, apart from when I lack an internet connection or when I am asleep dreaming about something. I have a boyfriend, plus I prefer cats over dogs, even though cats are constantly plotting world domination. I am a fan of both Sailor Moon and Star Trek, but I am also a fan of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones as well. My dreams are influenced by the shows I am a fan of [as I have explained here]. When it comes to Game of Thrones, before you ask, my favourite character is the Mother of Dragons. To be honest, if I was the Mother of Dragons, I’d name one of the dragons Fluffy von Cuddles[1][2] like I did in a dragon naming contest in January 2017.

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