Moon Kingdom

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Lunaria (Luna IV). Taken from a nearby starship.

In the Gwenverse, the Moon Kingdom is a space-faring nation with a long and varied history spanning tens of thousands of years. The capital planet of the Moon Kingdom is Luna IV, known to everyone as Lunaria. The capital city of the capital planet is Crystal Tokyo, situated in the planet’s northern hemisphere. It is from this city that Neo-Queen Serenity and her husband King Endymion rule over the Moon Kingdom with benevolence. The Moon Kingdom has many planets and moons within its territories and the climates of those planets and moons are diverse. The population of the Moon Kingdom, most of them Lunarians, is spread throughout the Moon Kingdom, four billion being on the home world itself. Every planet and moon within the Moon Kingdom’s territories has a Sailor Guardian. Neo-Queen Serenity herself is the Sailor Scout known as Sailor Moon.