Civil War

Territory changes during House Yamazaki's civil warThe civil war that engulfed House Yamazaki in 63,201 LY [2065 CE] was a brutal civil war that claimed the lives of tens of millions of people on both sides of the war in the 1¾ years that the war lasted. The war was fought between Princess Rin I Yamazaki and her daughter, and it ended in the death of Princess Rin I Yamazaki and the ascension of her daughter, Princess Megumi IX Yamazaki to the throne of House Yamazaki, making her the 39th head of House Yamazaki. Allied to Rin I Yamazaki was House Hagino, House Shimada, and House Yamamoto. Allied to Megumi IX was all the other Great Houses of the Moon Kingdom. The war spelled the end of three of the Great Houses of the Moon Kingdom, as they were wiped out during the war and their territories occupied, then annexed after the war ended, the territories being split up by the victors of the war that shared borders with them.